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Khamis, 31 Mei 2012

precious and deserve ~

assalamualaikum semua,
this entry is personally to all my matric friends.
hey u!
all of us already being together for almost 2 years
so we create so many memories together,
so when it comes to farewell we feel like it just a dream
the times that we said good bye
we didn't cry
because it just the miles that distance us apart but our heart close to each other
the result just coming out right??
many of you get good result,some don't.
but hey it won't change our friendship right??
the fact that we now have different path to go is hurting me inside.maybe all of you feel the same things too.
maybe i won't be able to study at the same university with all of you,
but still you are my friends.
whenever the destiny bring us after this,please don't forget all the smiles,laugh & tears that we crave in our diary of matric life.
till then..
i just dont have a courage to meet all of you again but just keep in mind that our friendship is really precious to me.
congrates to those who success.
You deserves that smile and laugh
to those who don't
God has different plan to us

p/s : i love all my pdt chingoo =)


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