penaja bersama~

Jumaat, 29 Julai 2011

give up~

hye guys!!
Its exam fever..
still not in the mood..

not reply my text??
we follow your style!!!!!!!!!!!!

wassalam and God Bless

Rabu, 27 Julai 2011

wordless wednesday~


Selasa, 26 Julai 2011



Isnin, 25 Julai 2011

saira azmi

Aku rindu hang la..sumpah tak tipu

shafira habali

Khamis, 21 Julai 2011


not in the mood ..
tak tau kenapa...

Rabu, 20 Julai 2011

Pre- jaw surgery questions


Will I look very different after the

You will almost certainly look different to
some degree. How different, usually
depends on how much movement of the
jaws is required. You should discuss this
with your orthodontist/ oral and
maxillofacial surgeon.

How long will the overall treatment

It usually takes 12 - 36 months but will
vary according to how severe your case
is. Failed and cancelled appointments or
repeated breakages of the brace will add
to the overall treatment time.

How often will I need an appointment?

You will need frequent and regular
appointments with the orthodontist during
treatment for the brace to be adjusted.

Do I still need to see my regular

Yes. It will be important you still have
check-ups with your regular dentist
throughout orthodontic treatment. Your
orthodontist will not be checking your
teeth for decay.
If you have any further questions that
you feel you would like to ask, then
please write them down and bring
them with you to your next appointment.
It is important you fully understand
what is involved in having orthodontic
treatment before you decide to go
ahead.If you are considering having
orthodontics and jaw surgery you may
have a number of questions you would
like answered.

Why might I need surgery?

In order to correct the position of the
teeth and provide a functioning bite, the
supporting bones of the jaws must be in
the correct position. If this is not the
case, orthodontics alone will not correct
the bite. Surgery will be required to move
the jaws into the proper position so the
teeth will then meet correctly.

If I need jaw surgery, why do I also
require orthodontics?

If the jaws are to be moved into the
correct position, it is important your teeth
are moved so that they will meet properly
after surgery.

What type of brace will I need to wear?

Fixed braces are used prior to jaw
surgery because they permit the most
accurate positioning of the teeth prior to
the operation.
The bite before surgery
The bite after surgery

Are the braces removed just before
the operation?

No, the braces remain in position during
and after the operation for a number of
months. During the operation they help
the surgeon to position the jaws correctly.
After the operation they help the
orthodontist fine tune the bite with the aid
of elastic bands.

How will the operation be done?

The majority of the operation will be done
from inside your mouth.

Will my jaws be wired together?

Patients having jaw surgery used to have
their teeth wired together for 6 - 8 weeks
afterwards. However, this is now fairly
unusual, as small metal plates are used
to hold the fracture sites together. These
plates are on the surface of the bone but
beneath the skin, and generally remain in
place forever. Very occasionally they are
removed at a later date.

How long will I be in hospital?

This varies, but in general between 3 - 5

Can I eat normally?

Yes, up until the operation you should be
able to eat normally. For your orthodontic
treatment to work well and in the shortest
possible time it is important you take care
of your teeth and brace. In order to prevent
damage to both, you should avoid the
• Toffees, boiled sweets, sugared
chewing gum, chocolate bars, etc.
• Fizzy drinks including diet drinks,
excessive amounts of fruit juice.
• Hard foods which might damage the
brace such as crunchy apples, crusty
bread rolls, etc.
Hard foods can be eaten with care if you
cut them up first.
After the operation you will have a more
liquid diet for the first few weeks.
However, the dietician at the hospital will
advise you about this nearer the time.

Are there any after effects?

You will have some swelling and bruising
after the operation. This will rapidly begin
to subside over the first 2 - 3 weeks. For
operations on the lower jaw it is fairly
common to have some numbness of the
lower lip for some weeks or months
afterwards. In a very small number of
cases a residual area of numbness will
remain. This numbness will not affect
movement of your lip, only the feeling in it,
in a similar way to an injection at the
dentist. As with any operation, you will
have to take it easy for the first week or
two afterwards. You should therefore
expect to be off college/ work for at least
this length of time.

p/s : for more question please click here

Selasa, 19 Julai 2011

jangan merajuk sayang~


wahai hati...
cinta tu fitrah..
jgn merajuk ya..
jodoh tu di tangan Allah..

wassalam and God Bless

Rabu, 13 Julai 2011


Jumaat, 8 Julai 2011

my everything


My Everything (English Version)

I can't express with words on earth
My heart toward you overflowering more and more

I can't estimate with worldly counting
My endless love grows deeper and deeper

has made me laugh and cry as you have done

It's not like me


I wanna see only you and hear you only
I wanna let you live within me

Look at me
Come to my arms you're my every

my everything
You're my everything

love for you
I haven't won you always

My heart is happy the more I lost in your love
There's no expiration date for my love for you

If there's any, it would be 10,000 years
Stay by my side if you feel hard

If I ever lose my everything
I will protect you


I wanna see only you and hear you only
I wanna let you live within me

Look at me
Come to my arms you're my every

my everything
You're my everything

love for you

**Only you are the owner of my heart

You are my first, my last thing
I call out your name whenever I breathe

you're my every
my everything

You're my everything
love for you

I love you
You're my everything

i miss you but you never care


I miss you my friends~

hai peeps!!
I miss my friends la..
and i really meant it..
life becomes so dull lah!!

p/s : to kim , saira , tikah, sue,mira,c'ngah,c'wa,c'pah,ju,mira,wani n ag..
i miss the old days..

Khamis, 7 Julai 2011

Sabtu, 2 Julai 2011

my belove sunshine~

hello guys..
actually i'm in mood 'missing' my sunshine miss kauthar rezani..
sunshine..while i'm sending you off,i'm not crying..
not because i wasn't sad you are going..
its just that i hope that i'm just dreaming..
seriously until now i still thinking you're here..
i wasn't crying at that time..because i believe you will never far away from me..
because wherever you are my will always be in my heart...
will always be my dearest one..
will never be replace..
i miss you sunshine..
and i really meant it..

the time we spent together..all that memory..memory that i will cherish forever..
my lovely kausar rezani..
be sweet always..
remember i miss you..

i wasn't crying..
because i'll always believe that we'll meet again..
sooner or later..
it's just the matter of time..
love you always..
Nurul Kauthar Rezani aka kausar Iman aka sunshine

p/s:whenever i hear 'unintended' it reminds me abaout you..
never ever forget me..
love you infinity...

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