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Ahad, 26 April 2015

dual tone tudung for your wardrobe!!

hello everyone
nak jadi cantik dan bergaya
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sure cantik vass giteww

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Khamis, 23 April 2015

~ crush ~

pejam celik pejam celik dah tahun ketiga di UNIMAS.
kinda funny
macam baru semalam ja masuk unimas
banyak benda yang terjadi
i'm getting more matured
yes i am!!
finally haha
i already forget my matric crush~~~~~~~ double excitement~~
but i'm falling in love with someone else
2 years in here
i never opened my heart to anyone
and suddenly he come
when the first time i saw him
i didnt felt anything
throughout the whole semester
i didnt felt anything
in fact i actually dislike him haha
but somehow when the semester ended
i kinda feeling lost
i started to blush whenever i see him
even just for a second!!
i thing its ridiculous
how come we can have a crush to someone that we dont know much
but its a good experience
i enjoying my crush moment
so his nickname is mrmr
i hope mrmr is happy
and i starting to build a plan for my future
my bussiness plan
i hope it turns out well


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