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Sabtu, 2 Julai 2011

my belove sunshine~

hello guys..
actually i'm in mood 'missing' my sunshine miss kauthar rezani..
sunshine..while i'm sending you off,i'm not crying..
not because i wasn't sad you are going..
its just that i hope that i'm just dreaming..
seriously until now i still thinking you're here..
i wasn't crying at that time..because i believe you will never far away from me..
because wherever you are my will always be in my heart...
will always be my dearest one..
will never be replace..
i miss you sunshine..
and i really meant it..

the time we spent together..all that memory..memory that i will cherish forever..
my lovely kausar rezani..
be sweet always..
remember i miss you..

i wasn't crying..
because i'll always believe that we'll meet again..
sooner or later..
it's just the matter of time..
love you always..
Nurul Kauthar Rezani aka kausar Iman aka sunshine

p/s:whenever i hear 'unintended' it reminds me abaout you..
never ever forget me..
love you infinity...



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