penaja bersama~

Khamis, 6 Oktober 2011

exam fever~

hye guys!!
long time no see..(haha..wrong grammar i guess)
i just having a hectic life for the past few weeks..
and faces a lot of heart problem(no worries it wasnt heart disease but something related to feeling)
there is a time that i really want to back to PDT time..
that was an awesome and lovely memory..
all of us having fun together..
no worries
no bunch of assignment

no fear of having a muet
yeah to conclude we were having great time!!
frankly speaking the truth is all of us miss each other
we also miss the sporting lecturer..
cg faizal
cg muni
pn intan
cg sharimah

cg shamil
cg suhery
i miss them damn much!!
i heart all of u

yeah..whatever it is ..
we have to face the reality
the fact that i will be sit for muet n pspm can't be deny..
to all B2T2 i love all of u..and always miss you all
hope abi khuzaifah will turn his plan for having reunion with us to reality
i wait for the ruenion for the next semester..
eventhough we r studying at the same college..
its hard to pass by or even just say hello..
shock isn't??
we never thought that it will turn us to this way
all of us feel the same..
too much extra class..
speed lecture
being force to join stupid program like kakom
running in the rain..
huh that's stupid but i'm having fun too
since it was the first time i'm running in the rain(even though i have to bear the itchy leg..huhu)
to S3K1P2
good luck too
score guys
we can do it!!

that's all from me..
love you..
till we meet again..
lots of love



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