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Rabu, 28 Disember 2011

the coming of lil sakinah!!

hai semua!!!
lama xupdate blog..
life are getting busy..hahaha
by the way..
i am bless coz still survive from getting insane ..hahaha
k.. notting much to talk.. i wanna share with you my new lil sis..
our new family member.. introduce!!!
                                     our lil angel Nor Syahadatul Sakinah Bt Mohamad Habali

                                                        My proud parent
our lil sakinah has born on 12th september 2011 ..
now she is the maknae(mean youngest in korea) in our family and maknae in tok ghani & che bakar generation haha..
but as for tok ghani 's family lil kynah can only enjoy her moment as a maknae until this April as ude is expecting too!! her due is in April!!
our family is getting bigger and being bless!!!
thats all from me..
lots of love ...
bye readers!!



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