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Jumaat, 14 September 2012

drama queen in the making??? **

sila mula tgk gambar dri bawah ye =)

Ahad, 9 September 2012

few tips for new teachers~


now ss wanna write about my experience being a replacement teacher(btol k ayat neh) hahaha
ss teach at smk jerai,so basically i'm teaching form 4 and form 5..
for a student who just completely my matric it was a big task..
ye la kan mengajar budak exam kot!!!(form 5 guys!!!)haha
tapi kita kena mengalah k?? tak kan.. jadi sepanjang pengajaran tu ss enjoy je..
3 bulan ye.. saya mgdap mereka..hahaha
tp dah jd mcm kwn  sbb umur bkan byk beza pun..hehehe =)

before i going too far
there are few tips to all new teachers out there (based on my experience) =)

1. Greet your seniors warmly
this is REALLY important because as a newcomer you have a lot of things
that you dont know !!!
school is a place where all the seniors is older than you
you might encounters someone whose older than your parents but still you have to address them as kak
so be cool
thats a new experience

2.Don't delay your work!
as a teachers in this modern time you have a lot of data to key in such as saps,pbs and data murid at sekolah malaysia.
things might going worst if you are class teacher,ketua panitia,penyelaras tingkatan..
and every exam you have to sent the report(i mean post mortem) to the guru kanan of the department
and the due date only for 3 or 4 days.. i mean the online system is for all the teacher all over malaysia
so can you imagine how slow the line can be??

3.Make a separate file for mc , duit yuran n duit pibg
that's is a big relief if you do that
as a teacher there are various file that you must have
so that you can find it easily when you need it emergency
trust me (it is a big help)
sometime there are parent who come claims why we send surat amaran to their children even though they come to school so all proof must be save properly

4. alert of the attendance
if you become a class teachers..
alert of the attendance especially if you are responsible to problematic class
you might pass the due for amaran 1,amaran 2,amaran 3 and buang sekolah if you just take attendance without counting

5. Student is your kids not your friends
why i'm saying this??
they should respect us ,and get a long with us without crossing the border
if you just treat them as your friends they won't respect you
and if you think them as your kids
your spirit to teach them is different because you  think them as your amanah from ALLAH..
sometime we give up teaching our friend but not our kids

among 6 class , 4B is my biased hahaha..
they always make me smile hahaha
never make me stress ..really2 best!!!!
so since they never give me any problem ..
so dear 4 Bakawali ..
teacher upload your pic here.. hahaha
missing you guys already ..haha

left is sir (i call him as sir,his real name is shamsuri) right is anwar haha

right shafiq left is shamsul amry(if i'm not mistaken sorry teacher aging already)

right is mejar(haha his real name is azwan) left is shazrul

my angle student bad

both of them is hilarious

4B only have 25 students and as you concern only few student here bcoz the rest go to makmal makanan do their amali.. hahaha
since it was my last day i just let them go(baiknyer teacher neh)

as for my other class 4J(i bcme class teacher for this classs),4M,5J and 5K
thanks for all the experience all of you give me... =)

there is another class 1 D but i never had a time to enter their class since the last week i'm currently busy with english camp and i just get the new time table that week

thats all for me

p/s :teacher is work were sincerity is applied
please don't be a  teacher if you are not into it
because you will spoil  our generation


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