penaja bersama~

Rabu, 29 Februari 2012

bahagia macam Lisa Surihani~

Asslamulaikum semua..
kwn2 semua..
mgu ni family ss @ family tok ghani's dpt dua berita baik!
Firstly .. Diana dah diterima study kat us!
well ss happy sgt untuk dy..
now she just have to pass mara pointer and everything will be ready to fly!!

and secondly!!!
ss with deepest thankful to Allah for blessing us with the new born of baby boy..
million congratulation to ude's family.
after 13 years waiting for a son,after having 5 beautiful daughters..
now the coming of handsome baby boy.congrates ude!
our family is complete
Thank You Allah


comel kan?
btw.. now kitorang semua dalam mood happy mcm lisa surihani dan yusry kru..haha



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