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Selasa, 6 Mac 2012

vanilla coklat~

Assalamulaikum semua.
lama ss mengambil masa..
mencari kekuatan kembali
selepas rebah melihat result ups sem ni hanya 10% markah pspm
memang x effect sgt
ss xpernah dapat seteruk tu
jadi macam mana nak tenang?
tell me?
how to be calm when you failed on your favourite subject?
the subject that you never get lower than A-??
how can you can act calm when your result is like that?
obviously you will feel down
it such a big gap guys
huge difference

but i guess is all my fault..
frankly speaking
i didnt study much during the test
the topic that came in during the test
i didn't cover it at all
so my bad
my fault
i regret it
now i know the feeling of being failed student
i felt guilty to myself
not to mama
not to ayah
not to all the family members
but to myself
to me

i teach people math.chemistry,sc comp
but the result

i got bad on all the three subject
i guess it is the test from Allah to me

thanks to Diana for give such a good advice
thanks sayang
thanks to mr k ,reading your blog releasing my stress..
thanks to my new lovee!! aiman hakim ridza!
watching you on vanilla coklat make me laugh and happy sayang!
you brought back my smile!

well,i guess watching movie is really a good option to release your stress,sad etc..
enjoy the pic of my new loveee!! aiman hakim ridza
i'm melting with your smile sayang!

p/s:he is sweet kan?
     can't wait to see you sayang tonight!



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